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All of us around the world are being called to mindfulness.

We have a deep desire right now to have security and peace of mind in all ways that it can be found. We feel the importance of being aware of all that is unfolding in our immediate environment.

At the same time, most of us are experiencing anything but peace from the evening news, from children and other family members confined to home, and from financial challenges. Still others are feeling isolated, alone or afraid.

A mindful way of being is to consciously pay attention to the present moment. This is to be fully aware of the sights and sounds, the information and the noise, including any noise in our thinking mind. It is to notice the feelings and emotions that move through our body. Mindfulness is to be Here and Now, aware like this but with curiosity and kindness, not with reactivity and judgements.

As strange as it sounds, this moment in human history offers a unique opportunity to realize a lasting peace that is not dependent on conditions in the world or in the ‘inner world’ of our thoughts and feelings. This deep and unconditional peace is within each of us. However, it can only be known to us when we are fully present in this moment Now.

In the current world health crisis, we are all on a forced retreat! There is less business (busy-ness) and more time available to place our full attention on family, on Nature, on simple pleasures and on simply Being.

We at The Mindful Experience are committed every day to enriching the lives of children, families and schools with mindfulness education. Mindful practices promote a sense of well-being, centeredness and resilience during challenging times, enhanced focus and decision-making, more gratitude, kindness and compassion for others.

Click here to learn more and get supportive resources such as our Mindful Bundle Pack for families with young children, including enjoyable music videos, online family magazines and an inspiring podcast.

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