"With the many challenges parents and kids have in developing emotionally healthy relationships, The Mindful Experience for Children will help guide children to become more relaxed, compassionate and self-reliant individuals as they grow up in a challenging world." 


Dr. Gerald Newmark, Author

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children…and Parents Too!

Create a calm, peaceful and focused classroom with our user-friendly mindfulness curriculum

This curriculum will guide you to:

  • Create a calm and focused classroom

  • Support SEL

  • Directors, teachers & staff feel more peaceful

By popular demand from preschool and elementary teachers everywhere...

Smooth Transitions 

Mindful Movements for Your Classroom

A dozen videos to teach you joyful,

engaging and attention-holding activities for whenever you choose!

"We feel the program has benefitted the children, the classroom atmosphere and the staff so much! The teachers and parents have noticed a positive change in the children."

Mindy Barbakoff, Director

Childspace Too Day Care Center

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