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A Truly Happy New Year & Beyond

Updated: Jan 16

Early each new year, many folks feel moved to make positive changes and resolutions toward new and healthier ways of being. It is heart-opening for me when I hear people wishing to be kinder and more compassionate.

Other goals include better communication with friends, co-workers and loved ones. I feel inspired when someone affirms that they need to eat better and get more rest.

It is not my tradition to make new year’s resolutions every January. In any season of the year however, when I am quiet, open and reflective ---- they come into my awareness on their own!

In recent days, I have become much clearer about two ways in which automatic habit patterns limit my potentials or create suffering. First, I began to notice my tendency to subconsciously judge some “lack of ability” to succeed at something new and different. In the past, this just shut down possibilities.

This January however, I moved ahead to learn all elements of our QuickBooks program. It turned out to be quite do-able. Who knew?

I have also enjoyed presenting weekly Facebook Live chats to share more mindfulness with the world. I did not “think” I would be so comfortable and fulfilled by this.

In my family life, I have seen examples of how my tendency to play “peace-maker” has stopped me from sharing how I really feel. Of course, this does not serve anyone.

The common ground of all these liberating changes is Awareness. This is not a future goal, but simply being still enough in the present moment to see what is true.

Recognizing goals for our future can certainly be helpful. Learning from our past can serve us too. Ultimately, it is in Being Here Now, fully alive in this moment that we feel a lasting contentment.

The present moment is the point of power and where the richness of life is found.

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