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Mindfulness, which can be briefly defined as “purposeful attention to the present moment”, offers benefits that are truly wonderful including ~ greater focus and concentration, stress reduction, emotional self-regulation and confidence, improved relationships with friends & family, plus a general sense of well-being.


Classes are 30 minutes long for 3-to-6 year old groups. Children enjoy centering practices, mindfulness meditation and movement, selected stories and music, yoga, relaxation, multimedia resources, partner activities and more. Sessions can be held in classrooms or a chosen room with open space.
Terms & Payment

Schools and centers can have The Mindful Experience on a weekly, twice-monthly or monthly schedule.
The rates below are based upon a minimum program duration of three months. Of course, we are happy to be a part of your enrichment programs throughout the school season.
Invoices are sent from PJM Associates Inc. at the end of each month of service with payment due upon receipt.
The cost per-visit for The Mindful Experience sessions are: 
1 class group/$60,
2 classes/$90,
3 classes/$120.
Additional class groups are @ $30 each.

Click here to connect and book a program.

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