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Library Programs


This workshop/play-shop is a fun and
empowering experience for kids ages
3-to-6 (and parents too)!


All will enjoy learning:

  • Kid-friendly breathing & centering practices

  • Sensory games

  • Guided meditation

  • Cooperative games

  • Yoga poses for flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation

  • There will be also great storybooks, music & song all with mindful themes!


The one-hour session will close with 10-15 minutes of ‘daily strategies’ discussion and Q&A with interested parents.

For inquiries and to book a program, send us an email here.

Little children and their teacher practicing yoga

Mindfulness is a natural human quality and a practice that fosters inner calm, increased awareness and a sense of well-being.

"Peter Moses' mindfulness workshop for children was a wonderful program, absolutely delightful! You get his already-wonderful musical experience, but he also sprinkles in mindful movement, enjoyable props, breathing exercises, yoga, a few storybooks, musical instruments and how to use them to develop your senses. The kids and parents were all smiling and laughing with sheer joy the entire time. He was fully engaging, incorporated a lot of variety to hold everyone's attention, and balanced silliness with solid, practical child-friendly tips. The whole focus of the workshop was kindness and unity, seamlessly woven into the topic of mindfulness as well. I highly recommend the Mindful Experience for Children!"


Carrie Sturgill, MLIS

Head of Youth Services

Radnor Memorial Library

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