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Stress Management and Mindfulness for Everyday Wellness

Workshop Description

Joy, good health, strong attention and emotional wellness are common goals for us all. Participants will rediscover innate abilities to make healthy lifestyle choices, to adapt to change, maintain focus and to self-regulate with emotions.


Topics will include practical relaxation, present-tense orientation, time and information management and more stress-free relationships.

Attendees will directly experience mindfulness practices and self-care opportunities. With practice and planning for daily use, our personal and professional life experience will become more present, grounded, resilient and free of negative stress.

Facilitator: Peter Moses, The Mindful Experience

Peter is co-founder of The Mindful Experience and a seasoned wellness program facilitator. He has enjoyed presenting stress management and mindfulness workshops for over 25 years for professional development conferences, private companies and universities. Beyond his own programs, Peter is certified to teach the comprehensive Mindfulness X curriculum.

"Mindfulness is an important life-skill that all health care workers should have as required training to improve patient interactions, a resource to teach their patients and a tool that can improve one's own practice and life.  The Stress Management and Mindfulness workshop with my Family Medicine residents offered by Peter Moses was well received and appreciated.  Being able to establish the importance of these practices early on in one's medical training will have an impact exponentially on people's well-being.  Thank you, Peter for sharing your invaluable knowledge, skills and attitude with future Family Physicians!"


Arati Karnik MD

Program Director

Jefferson Einstein Montgomery Family Medicine Residency Program

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