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Stress Management and Mindfulness for Educators,
Parents & Children


PA Keys Workshop Description

Joy, attention, health and emotional wellness are common goals for teachers, parents and kids. Participants will rediscover innate abilities to make healthy lifestyle choices, to adapt to change, maintain focus and to self-regulate with emotions. Topics will include practical relaxation, present-tense orientation, time and information management and more stress-free relationships.

Attendees will directly experience mindfulness practices and self-care for adults, as well as age-appropriate exercises and games for children. With practice and planning for daily use, educators, kids and their parents will become more present, grounded, resilient and free of negative stress.

Facilitator: Peter Moses, The Mindful Experience

  • Hours/Credits/ 3.00 Hours Cost: $375

  • Course Level C2: Knowledge Application

  • Course Type PQAS Approved

  • Professional Standard Areas

  • Health and Safety (3 Hours)

7c: Understand and support the connection between staff mental health and effective
teaching practice.


  • Develop self-care habits for one’s own well-being and to be better able to build responsive relationships with children, families, and others

  • Seek ongoing support and guidance when feeling stressed and overwhelmed

  • Understand and experience a variety of mindfulness practices and games designed to enhance the development of social and emotional well-being in young children.

Happy Family

Our program has been fortunate enough to participate in both The Mindful Experience children's enrichment program, and the Stress Management & Mindfulness workshop for professionals. As a result, mindfulness has become a staple in our early childhood program. Both teachers and children use mindfulness strategies throughout each day. It provides a sense of calm and self-awareness. Teachers have incorporated it into their daily schedules and the children love participating. We highly recommend Peter Moses and his team!


Jen Wein
SchoolHouse Director
Carson Valley Children’s Aid

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