Peter Moses, B.A. Ed. Is the president of PJM Associates Inc., an educational organization centered in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years. 


More about Peter ~


  • Happy father of six children


  • Director of The Music Experience for Young Children, a national music enrichment program for early childhood since 1994.


  • As a school teacher, Peter has taught and coached at all grade levels, including courses in psychology and the social sciences.


  • Peter is a singer-songwriter, performer and children’s recording artist having produced eight original CD collections. He is also the author of three inspiring audio books for kids.


  • As a certified PQAS trainer, Peter offers workshops in “Great Music, Movement, Rhythm Reading & Song,” as well as “Stress Management & Mindfulness for Teachers, Parents and Kids,” and “Teaching & Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children”.


  • His current projects include a musical assembly program for preschool and K-through-Grade 3 audiences entitled “Wellness, Wonder & Wisdom”.  



Peter is truly grateful to be living and sharing a mindful lifestyle!

Tammy Keorkunian, MA, BA, RYT, E-CMT, CYT creator and director of Children’s Music Express®, has been teaching parent/child, preschool, and family classes since 1999.


More about Tammy ~


  • Director of Children's Music Express, Inc. since 2006, a parent/child and family based enrichment program for music, movement and mindfulness in early childhood education. 


  • As a teacher, Tammy has taught parent/child music and movement classes, yoga and meditation classes, preschool music classes, grown-up yoga and meditation classes, including programs for children with special needs, and Buddhist Meditation on the university level.


  • Tammy sings, plays the guitar, and the African Djembe for over 20 years. She has her MA in Applied Meditation Studies from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies and her BA from Temple University in Communications and Theater, with a focus on early childhood education, arts and business. 


  • Additionally, Tammy has studied with Marianne Torbert, developer of the Kinesiology program, “Meeting Children’s Needs Through Movement” at Temple University. Tammy has also studied with Shakta Kaur Khalsa in the Radiant Child Yoga Immersion Program, at the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ, with Shiva Das in Hatha Yoga/Inner Fire Yoga, Karen Fairman in Anatomy, Dr. Martin Orimenko in Injury Prevention, Ed Zadlo in Ayurveda, and David Newman in Kirtan.


  • She provides teacher trainings and workshops for teachers, parents, caregivers, and therapists. Tammy engages and inspires audiences at birthday parties, special events, concert performances, and speaking engagements. Her studies and experience in Early Childhood Music Education, Kinesiology, Children’s Yoga/Meditation instruction, and Buddhist Meditation have shaped her unique, warm, and energetic, upbeat program, teaching style, and teacher trainings. 



Tammy is thrilled and grateful to be sharing the mindfulness lifestyle that has aided her own life in so many ways. 

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