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"What a wonderful program The Mindful Experience for Children is for young children and their caregivers!  Because it is also beneficial for vulnerable children affected by early trauma, we were pleased to sponsor the program in several preschools last year.  As a family therapist, I also recommend their website’s resource page, which offers many fun and effective mindfulness exercises.  Thanks for all that you do on the behalf of kids, families, and teachers."


Christine Beardmore, L.MF.T., The Inspired Life, LLC & Director of the Inspire Children Foundation

"Hello, my name is Melissia Baker.  My 4 year old son has been enjoying our learning center’s Mindful Experience classes since the Fall of 2016. I’ve seen definite, positive improvement in his ability to self-regulate, and he is more expressive about his emotions and thoughts. The program has made me more aware of my own emotional presence, and I’ve become even more conscious in the techniques I use to communicate with my son. As a parent of an active youngster, I’m so pleased that our Center introduced its children and parents to The Mindful Experience!"

Melissa Baker, Parent

"When our Goddard School first heard about the The Mindful Experience program in the fall of 2016, we knew we wanted to learn more.   Prior to hearing about this specialized program for children, I had been fascinated with the concept as an adult and was trying to incorporate more ways to live in the moment and center my own life.  Once I knew that there was a program that would address these important skills and needs on a level that was tailored for young children, I was onboard. 


Our goal is to offer and provide our families with quality care and programming. The scope and demands of technology can be draining and challenging.   We recognize the need for children to step away from screens and learn coping mechanisms for both physical and social experiences.  Setting these practices in place at a young age will help them navigate their journey into adulthood and beyond.

Tammy has been teaching the older children at our school for over 6 months, and we have seen its impact. She is calming, engaging, and knowledgeable in her field.  It has been a pleasure working with Miss Tammy, and we highly recommend everyone consider adding The Mindful Experience to their programming."


Michelle Clark, Owner, The Goddard School, Horsham, PA

"With the many challenges parents and kids have in developing emotionally healthy relationships, The Mindful Experience for Children will help guide children to become more relaxed, compassionate and self-reliant individuals as they grow up in a challenging world." 


Dr. Gerald Newmark, Author

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children…and Parents Too!

"We feel the program has benefitted the children, the classroom atmosphere and the staff so much! The teachers and parents have noticed a positive change in the children."

Mindy Barbakoff, Director
Childspace Too Day Care Center

"The children in my Pre-K class have greatly benefitted and our teacher has truly enjoyed having the tools of mindfulness and yoga added to her teaching tool belt. Thank you again for this amazing experience."

Koren L. Clark, Executive Director
Summit Children's Program

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