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Our engaging and fun troupe of mindfulness instructors are serving schools and centers in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties! The Mindful Experience instructors have enjoyed success in areas of early childhood education, mindfulness and yoga training. All teachers have applicable state and federal clearances.


The Mindful Experience, LLC is fully insured.


Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW is a colorfully creative journalist, dynamic transformational speaker, workshop facilitator, licensed social worker, ordained interfaith minister, radio host and author. With more than three decades of experience, Edie has worked with clients and students all along the age spectrum from children to elders. Her engaging style both educates and entertains. She calls herself an opt-mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility.

Arianne Elinich is a Certified Yoga Teacher and YOGA ed. Tools for Teachers instructor with over a decade of experience teaching yoga, music, and mindfulness to children. As someone who cares deeply about empowering the next generation with the tools to tap into their own innate gifts and unique talents, Arianne nurtures her students in a way that encourages them to let their inner light shine. From facilitating yoga programs for children with special needs, to teaching teachers to incorporate mindful practices in their classrooms, Arianne knows that guiding her student’s passion and sense of purpose, will empower them with the tools and techniques that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives.


Patty Boyle grew up in the Philadelphia area and has been working for Big Brothers Big Sisters for over 15 years.  After realizing, through her own practice, the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, Patty decided to pursue her teaching certificate so that she could extend these benefits to others. In addition to becoming certified to teach adults (RYT 250), Patty underwent an additional teacher training through Child Light in 2013 in order to learn skills to teach yoga and mindfulness to children.  Patty has since been teaching Mommy & Me classes for 3-6 & 7-10 year olds. She recently joined the Mindful Experience Team to continue her passion of bringing mindfulness practices to children.  

Darlene Vanasco, MS in Education, E-200RYT/PYT Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Teacher, BAI Certified Doula


As a Educator, Yoga Teacher and Doula and mother, Darlene has seen the power and benefit of mindfulness practice and yoga both in and out of the classroom. Through mindfulness and movement, students tune into the present moment and begin to build experiences that help focus and calm.

Darlene is from Brooklyn and has been in Philly for a little over 3 years. 


Her goal in teaching is to inspire students through the practice of yoga to connect with the wisdom of their mind, body and spirit. She has a 15-year personal Vinyasa practice, and her teaching focus is on creative and balanced sequencing, linking movement with breath to create an invigorating flow. Her focus is on strengthening and lengthening muscles, creating ease and support in the body.


Darlene is a certified (NYC and Philly) teacher of elementary education and visual art, and spent 10 years in the classroom, teaching both typical and special needs students. She also has worked as a family advocate for the NYC Department of Education.


Hi there, I'm Katy! I teach yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices to children and adults. My 200 hour RYT training is in a style of vinyasa flow with strong ties to the Ashtanga tradition. 


Upon completing my 200 RYT teacher training I immediately sought to continue my education by enrolling in additional specialized training to teach populations outside of yoga studios—from children and adolescents in the school system to adults in the criminal justice system. I firmly believe that  yoga can help everyone, so I aim to bring it to them anyway and anywhere I can—inside and outside the studio.


I chose to wrap my life around yoga as much as possible, by furthering my practice and sharing my love of yoga with others. Yoga is an act of self-care that can benefit not just the individual practicing, but also the many individuals that person crosses paths outside of the four corners of their mat.

I am especially passionate about sharing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices with children because of the tremendous opportunity for impact in their lives. Children are told to relax, to calm down, to pay attention, but they aren't often told how. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teach kids the "how" of emotional regulation, relaxation, and attentiveness. 


I love the time I spend on my mat, and whether I'm teaching kids or grown ups, I love to guide others through the time they spend on theirs! 

Annette Kroninger taught ESL and preschool and elementary grades for almost 30 years. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who loves working with children and empowers them to feel good about themselves and enjoy participating and learning together in community. 


She taught Mindfulness to preschoolers in Bensalem and plans to continue teaching young children how to have fun being Mindful which is a gift they can carry with them throughout their lives.


Gina Molinari has been teaching yoga for 5 years and leading mindfulness classes for children and adults using her knowledge and experience of yoga, psychology, business, Buddhism, and life. She's an avid traveler and brings an enthusiasm for discovery to her classes.

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