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mindfulness for kids

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Calm, Center and Focus Your Children to Emotional Wellbeing!

Powerful tools and support for 

Families with Young Children

Mindfulness for Families
Have you been feeling...
  • Stressed out by how to support your child navigate intense emotions?
  • Overwhelmed by the daily to-do's?
  • Disconnected from yourself and the ones you love?
  • Confused about how to access true authentic peace, balance and connection with your child?
  • What is mindfulness and how can it help me help my child?
  • I have an idea of what mindfulness is, but I don't know how to implement it?
  • Mindfulness feels like just another thing to do?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, you are in the right place.

Mindfulness is not about another thing to do. It's about feeling fully alive and present in each moment so your child, family, and you can:
  • Navigate intense emotions with a new sense of inner calm, peace and wellbeing
  • Feel more balanced, peaceful and radiant 
  • Open to the spaciousness and confidence that everything will get done
  • Create more time for the things that matter most
  • Feel focused and alert in a relaxed way, not a stressed out way
  • Connect more deeply within yourself and each other
  • Gain an over all sense of emotional mastery and wellbeing
Mindfulness for families with young children

Your Mindfulness Bundle Pack for parents and kids includes:


  • 5-Part Mindful Music Video Series

  • 3 Issues of Mindful Family Ezine

  • Special Podcast Interview on Mindful Parenting with Co-Founder, Peter Moses 

These resources are short, sweet, to the point, and most importantly will make the impact and changes you are seeking without the sacrifice. 

You'll have lifetime access to this support package and any updates and new content added.

All of this is yours for only $97!

Case Studies and Recognition

Michelle Clark

Michelle Clark, Owner 

The Goddard School, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Once I knew that there was a program that would address these important skills and needs on a level that was tailored for young children, I was onboard. 

Tammy has been teaching the older children at our school for over 6 months, and we have seen its impact. She is calming, engaging, and knowledgeable in her field. It has been a pleasure working with Miss Tammy and Mr. Peter, and we highly recommend everyone consider adding The Mindful Experience to their programming.

Dr. Gerald Newmark, Author

Dr. Gerald Newmark, Author

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children…and Parents Too!

With the many challenges parents and kids have in developing emotionally healthy relationships, The Mindful Experience for Children will help guide children to become more relaxed, compassionate and self-reliant individuals as they grow up in a challenging world.

Chris Beardmore

Christine Beardmore, Director of Inspire Children Foundation

What a wonderful program The Mindful Experience for Children is for young children and their caregivers!  Because it is also beneficial for vulnerable children affected by early trauma, we were pleased to sponsor the program in several preschools last year.  As a family therapist, I also recommend their website’s resource page, which offers many fun and effective mindfulness exercises.  Thanks for all that you do on the behalf of kids, families, and teachers

What's inside my mindfulness bundle pack?

Mindfulness for families with young children

5-Part Mindful Music Video Series

Discover the power of these five simple, fun and effective songs:

  1. Imagination Wheel

  2. Sa Ta Na Ma

  3. Loveable

  4. Everybody Has a Heart

  5. Jai Ma

Each of these five songs includes:

  • Instructional video

  • MP3 song download

  • Mindful play activity workbook

It’s quality-time with your preschool or early-elementary age children as you are all inspired by mindfulness practices you can experience together!

value: $100.00

3 Interactive Multi-Media Mindful Family Ezines

Featured articles include “Mindfulness for Busy Parents & Caregivers”,

“Modeling Mindful Living – Easier than you may Think!” and “Meditation Made Easy”

Each Mindful Family Ezine includes:

  • Instructional video

  • Mindful art activity download

  • Mp3 download

  • Access insightful and inspiring articles

  • Games & activities for the whole family

  • Brief mindfulness research summaries

value: $50.00

Special Podcast Interview on Mindful Parenting with Co-Founder, Peter Moses 


This is an upbeat and informative interview with Peter on the Authentic Parenting Podcast featuring discussion and Q&A on mindful breathing practices, games and activities for kids and adults to promote:


  • presence

  • relaxation

  • focus

  • kindness 

  • gratitude


Peter demystifies mindfulness and brings clarity about the benefits of mindfulness for all ages!

value: $97.00

That's a

total value

of  $247

Parent and child mindfulness

"The program has made me more aware of my own emotional presence, and I’ve become even more conscious in the techniques I use to communicate with my child."


~ Melissa Baker - Parent

MindfulKids Flower

Meet Your Instructors

Miss Tammy

Tammy Keorkunian, MA, BA, RYT-200, CYT creator and director of Children’s Music Express® and co-creator of The Mindful Experience, LLC, has been teaching parent/child, preschool, and family classes since 1999.

She graduated from the Won Institute in 2010 with her Masters in Applied Meditation Studies, focusing on bringing meditation and mindfulness to families with young children. 

Mr. Peter Moses

Peter Moses, B.A. Ed. is the president of PJM Associates Inc., an early childhood educational organization centered in the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. He is co-creator of The Mindful Experience, LLC.

Peter is our modern-day Mister Rogers and a happy father of 6. He has taught and coached at all grade levels, including courses in psychology and the social sciences. Peter has many years experience as a stress management facilitator and is also a certified instructor for the in-depth "Mindfulness X" program. 

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