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Mindfulness in Preschools, Elementary Schools, At Home and Private Studios

"With the many challenges parents and kids have in developing emotionally healthy relationships, The Mindful Experience for Children will help guide children to become more relaxed, compassionate and self-reliant individuals as they grow up in a challenging world." 


Dr. Gerald Newmark, Author

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children…and Parents Too!

Get Your 3 FREE Mindful Gems to Peace, Calm & Joy Now!

Parents and Teachers love having these three mindfulness gems in their back pocket!

Start experiencing them now!


for pre-k, kindergarten &  kids' yoga and mindfulness teachers 

Be on the leading edge of teaching the whole child!

Social | Emotional | Intellectual | Physical

Mindfulness for Preschools and Early Childhood Educators

Are you a motivated teacher or director looking for mindfulness resources that are fun and simple to implement, work quick and foster sustainable results?

This is a mini course and training to give teachers and schools the tools to simplify the process of offering quality and effective mindfulness with ease and confidence.

"We feel the program has benefitted the children, the classroom atmosphere and the staff so much! The teachers and parents have noticed a positive change in the children."

Mindy Barbakoff, Director

Childspace Too Day Care Center

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